Facility Maintenance Program

Facilities Maintenance Programs with Done Done Services are designed so building maintenance and improvements can be one more thing off your plate and put into the hands of the experts.

Facilities Maintenance Programs consist of three key components:

Facility Profile - One document containing all the information relevant to the management and maintenance of your facility.

  • Important building information
    • Roof and building information
    • Leasing contracts
    • Building plans
  • List of functional assets
    • Any asset that requires routine maintenance or inspections and the information and manuals needed for upkeep.
  • Vendor contracts and information
  • Processes and important contacts
    • Steps to take to get maintenance and repair projects
    • Which associates approve which projects

Maintenance Plan - The formal plan and scheduling of all the maintenance needed to keep your building, grounds, and equipment operating at their best.
  • Identify areas of regular maintenance
    • Changing air filters
    • FIre protections inspections
    • Replacing bulbs and cleaning fixtures
  • Schedule maintenance
    • Consolidate maintenance items into efficient visits
  • Proactive technician dispatching
    • We make sure the maintenance happens
    • We keep stock of your commonly replaced items

Facility Improvement Plan - Identify larger capital projects to prioritize and work them into your budget.
  • Large maintenance projects
    • Roof replacements
    • Parking lot repairs or resurfacing
    • Replacing out of date or broken equipment
  • Green improvements
    • LED relamping
    • Motion sensing lights and smart thermostats
  • Larger remodeling projects
    • Breakroom remodel
    • Adding a workout or relaxation room.
    • Bathroom upgrade
    • Building layout changes
Take all three of these and you have a comprehensive Facilities Maintenance Plan that you can be confident is being taken care of by the professionals at Done Done Services. To get more information or to get in touch with someone from Done Done Servies to set up a consultation use the contact button.